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Ostinato drumming
Pedal Physics
What is an ostinato?
Where it began,where is it going?
How do I do that?
Player examples
Four way co-ordination
Independence day
How do we learn ?
Paradiddle ostinato "how to"guide
EASY START (ish ) gulp!
NEW Para grooving
V DRUM practice pad (V =cheap version )
Power Practice
Mind work outs
What am I working on?
The musician drummer?
Accent ostinato
Sound clusters
Over odd time
Poly page
Odd times ahead
Pedal swing?
Make mine a double?
For the art
Pedal Physics
Guest book
Link page


Pedal Physics

What if there was only one model of stick.A big heavy one!
That came with your kit when you bought it.
Would it be the right stick for everyone?
How would it affect your playing?
This is how people treat their bass drum pedals.
If you are not happy with your pedal set-up consider these factors,
there is a lot more to this than meets the eye!


This shows allot more than you thought can be done by choosing the right beater weight for your playing,or just changing the angle and hight of the beater!.
Remember the longer the striking distance,the higher the impact (closing speed) but!also will take more time to cover that distance and strike. So for long shafts go for a light beater to make up for the energy lost in getting it up to speed .
It seems like the hands you can have very loud and slow or very fast but quiet.
hmmm well thats what i